Udi’s for my family

My three year old daughter and me both have Celiac Disease. I have been gluten free for years, while she has only been gluten free for about 8 months. This past winter, after two serious illnesses that resulted in hospitalization, doctors realized my daughter had Celiac Disease and we started her on a gluten free diet. She lost almost 10 pounds from her illnesses so it was our goal to help her gain all her weight back. One of the first things she asked for was a grilled cheese sandwich. Already being a fan of Udi’s, I was glad to make her a sandwhich with the Udi’s bread because I knew she would love it and not be able to tell any difference between gluten free and regular bread. Over the past months, Udi’s has been a staple in my daughter’s diet. She has enjoyed grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, among other things. She also loves the blueberry muffins. Overall, Udi’s has made her weight loss recovery much more painless! We have all of our family members on board to keep my daughter on a strict gluten free diet, so to help I have loaded all of their freezers with loaves of bread and muffins so there is never an excuse not to feed her gluten free. I love Udi’s even more now because it has helped my daughter adjust to a new way of eating. Udi’s products are also more readily available in our area so I am able to pop over to the store any time we are running low. I recommend Udi’s to all of my gluten free family and friends!

Name: Nicole B.
City: Meridian
State: ID

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