Lunch box blues

It had been a long year and a half since I had been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. A very long, very tasteless year. At my university, I had decided to join a volunteer program that would take us to elementary schools to mentor children labeled as "at-risk." We would meet once a week, at lunch, and sit and chat with our proteges. After doing this for a month or so, I began to get an insatiable craving for the school lunch staple- a sandwhich. It didn’t matter what kind.. turkey, ham, cheese, or even if it was two pieces of delicious bread with some butter spread on it. These salads weren’t cutting it! I wanted bread and I wanted it now! I began my search. Through many stores I ventured, all for the same result. If I found it, the gluten free bread selection was sparse and always tasted like hard cardboard.. and probably that description was being generous. One day, per chance, I ended up in a new organic grocery store and out of habit looked at their gluten free selection. What was this? Uh-dis? Oo-dees? Udi’s! Why this bread was.. soft to the touch! The bread was actually called "white sandwhich bread!" Why, are those pockets of beautiful air like a fresh baked loaf? I bought it right away and couldn’t wait until I got home to try it. I ate half the loaf, semi-frozen, dry, with a big smile on my face. The next week when I visited my protege, I proudly walked in with my Butterfly lunch box and two gourmet sandwhiches. One for myself, and one to share.

Name: Jessica D.
City: Georgetown
State: Texas

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