Finally, something I can Eat

when i first found out I was Gluten intolerent my first though was"I love bread". I was so excited to try it, I loved 1 The texture was great and the taste. Can you make it bigger! Sincerley, Cindy Eckert

Name: Cindy eckert
City: everett
State: Wash

2 responses to “Finally, something I can Eat”

  1. Matthew DeCosta says:

    Hi, I would love to see the serving size on the bread by the slice as opposed to weight. I have diabetic children and have to count carbs, figuring a serving size by weight is just a guess unless using a scale.

  2. Joanne George says:

    Cindy, I couldn’t agree more! When my daughter, also gluten free, brought some Udi’s bread for me to try I was a sceptical; that scepticism was unwarrented!! I had some toasted Udi’s this afternoon — fabulous! Thank you for making such a fabulous bread!!!

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