I was diagnosed ‘Gluten-Intolerant’ with severe destructive Ulcerative Colitis about 5 years ago. Since then I have spent countless hours and countless dollars on trying to make a homemade GF bread that would allow me just a simple sandwich again, or an egg and a piece of toast! NO LUCK. All my attempts were slimy, gritty, quickly deteriorating masses of gunk. I tried EVERY recipe on the web and every book I could find and even the recipes people raved about were horrible. Then I found this bread on the internet and my search is over. It does NOT have that slimy xanthan gum slickness I have come to despise. It is extremely shelf stable, even though I have to admit I ate it rather quickly the first couple of weeks. The cost is truly balanced out by the amount of money you save from not ordering high-priced flours and all that work for such a small amount of output. AND THEN … i tried Udi bagels!!!!!! It cannot get any better than this. Yesterday I had a steak bagel with melting cheese all over the top of it and a big cup of coffee for breakfast!!!!! I do not know who invented these bread products, but they are my angel! For me, with my diseases a simple fall off the wagon can result in days of life-threatening bleeding and confinement to bed. I do not have to worry about that any more. I have toast for breakfast and tuna sandwiches for lunch and bagel pizzas and TOASTED CHEESE!!! Maybe it sounds a little desperate, but unless you know where we are coming from with these horrible diseases you cannot understand. It is the simple things that these diseases rob us of, the small graces are much more treasured than the giant leaps. So, thank-you whoever you are. You have added to my life. A life you did not know existed. When I am having my morning cup of tea and TOAST and jam in the morning I will think of you.

Name: Linda Lee Lemley
City: Waynesburg
State: PA

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