My Udi's

I first discovered Udi’s bread on the non-frozen GF baked goods rack at Whole Foods. When I found out that I could eat it without toasting it, I immediately went to buy turkey, avacado, and tomatoes for a sandwich. Sooo good.I gave a loaf to my 22 year old niece who exclaimed "It’s bread!" It makes awesome grilled cheese sandwiches,and is great toasted w/ a poached egg. No more scraped gums for me.I won’t eat any other bread.The muffins are amazing as well. I uh… ate three of the blueberry ones in the parking lot the first time I tried them.I’m looking forward to trying the pizza crusts. Thanks for creating products that make me feel almost normal again!

Name: Pattie White
City: Destrehan
State: LA

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