Friendly Gluten Free Skies, Please

Heather Collins, Udi’s Gluten Free Foods


Hi Udi’s Gluten Free Fans! As you may know from reading my other blog, “On the Road – a Gluten-Free Slice,” I travel across the country attending celiac/gluten-free food events spreading the Udi’s Gluten Free Foods love.


Like you, I must follow and eat a regimented gluten free diet or I will become ill.


Two weeks ago, I flew on three separate airlines (in one weekend) coast-to-coast and then back to Denver for various Udi’s events. Since I travel for work, I am usually okay when it comes to not being hungry mid-flight. But on one of these recent trips, I did not pack my usual Udi’s snack.


As you can probably relate, the airplane snack cart always poses a challenge because there is never anything to eat. I took note of each airline’s snack pack and they are all loaded with gluten-filled chips, crackers, breadsticks, cookies and dips and I just heard that the peanuts on another popular airplane are laden with flour. So when the snack cart made its appearance on this particular flight, my rumbling, hungry tummy was not in the mood to pass up the cart.


I finally gave in and handed the flight attendant my credit card and sucked up the $9.86 ‘snack pack’ charge. The passenger next to me heard my ingredient question and then actually asked if he could have the items I couldn’t eat. Shocked at first by his directness, I gave him the 3 packets of crackers, the breadsticks, the weird ‘natural flavorings’ cheese spread and hummus. All I had left was a $9.86 credit card slip for a 2-ounce packet of almonds and a breath mint. Fabulous.


Enough is enough, I thought. It’s time for ALL airlines to step up and offer those with celiac disease and gluten intolerances more gluten-free selections when it comes to an in-flight snack.

So, let’s band together my gluten-free friends and find a way to gain their attention! Maybe one day Udi’s will create a tasty gluten-free snack pack everyone can enjoy in the Be Udiful friendly skies. What would you put in your ideal snack pack or what Udi’s Gluten Free items do you travel with on trips?


Looking forward to hearing from you and vive le gluten free!


Until next time, see you on the road!


5 responses to “Friendly Gluten Free Skies, Please”

  1. BCW says:

    I’ve had United attendants go up into first class and pickout food for me from the leftover items (on the down low). I was so relieved to have something. When one of the other attendants noticed, the helpful attendant was scowled at. I don’t think it is unreasonable or difficult to make one snack pack gluten free. Not all foods are wheat!

  2. Claire Fisher says:

    Diagnosed in 1999, I gave up on safe GF snacks. I have a stash of bead bags from a craft store. I fill my own snack bags! Takes some time, but they fit anywhere! Even in my purse after arrival! They are ziplock, don’t spill contents over my bags and I can take what I want. Cheeses can be found in ounce size packets, your favorite nuts, pretzels, GF cookies, candies, etc. My young granddaughter, does not have to be GF, loves pretzel sticks and gummy bears. Claire

  3. Dianne says:

    We fly a lot ,coming from the uk it is our commute. Most times of late the airline has provided a g/f meal with no problem. However last time we flew to uk the meal was awful. Yes it was supposed to be g/f. My husband checked the salad dressing, not g/f. They provided a bread roll, not g/f. Croutons on the salad, yep not g/f. I gave the tray back to the fa and told them that it was not a g/f meal even though it was given the name. It is not the fa’s fault and I made it clear I was not blaming them but what is wrong with the catering company ? What part of g/f do they not get ? I wonder if there is anyone over seeing the meals.
    I think it is time to talk with the airline meal supply company and I would be happy to take them on given the chance. Flying for 6 hours without any food is not on. Lets be nice but firm and guide the food industry into our world.

  4. Donna J says:

    On a Southwest flight, they were handing out their honey roasted peanuts & I asked the flight attendant for the plain peanuts. She was curious as to why & I happily told her I couldn’t eat the HRP due to the wheat. She was very interested in gluten & celiac; we talked thoughout my flight. Oh and she brought me as many packets of plain peanuts that I wanted.

  5. Erica says:

    I’ve had this same problem on domestic flights also. It’s like if I’m not prepared I can’t eat anything. I do have a positive review. I flew Continental to Paris in December and ordered my gluten free meal ahead of time (they need 24 hours). And they gave me so much food on that flight! It was amazing. And I got to eat before everyone.

    Domestic flights need some help though. At least JetBlue has some options and you don’t have to pay.

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