Parents Impact Gluten Free Children

In today’s world, young adults love their freedom, especially freedom from their parents; however a diagnosis of celiac disease at a young age can quickly limit that freedom. Often times, a local celiac association will see younger members show up as they seek to learn more about their newfound disease. Recently, a concerned mother contacted me in regards to finding out how her daughter can enjoy her favorite gluten free muffins and, more importantly, her absolutely favorite gluten free desert; Udi’s cookies. The mother was concerned as her daughter is scheduled to leave for college in a few months and both wanted to make sure she could enjoy the freedoms and challenges of college without having to be restricted by her recent diagnosis.

Living as a young adult on a new college campus is already hard enough, and adding a restrictive diet can make it that much more difficult. In this case, the to-be college student was appreciative of her mother’s help and support, as the mom had done extensive research and gained valuable information from her local dietitian and peers. This knowledge allowed the mother and daughter to reach out to the university and quickly address the issues that may impact this young college student’s life. The good news of the story is that the University quickly aligned with the gluten free requests of the duo and is currently working to provide the products necessary for her to enjoy a wonderful college tenure.

As teenagers become young adults, they always yearn for a level of detachment from their parents, however in this inspiring case, we all see that with the appropriate learning and thought, a family can become closer and live better together, even in the face of a difficult diagnosis.

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