An ode to an Udi

Udi ohh!
Udi oohhh….
Udi I,
speechless, must try;
Mouth… mouth! my mouth…
Blissing from your kissing, toast to tounge,
such joy Jung…
You give me back pleasures I have not known since the time of childhood treasures! Back yard moments of forts, two feet tall, cardboard construct, lunch break from it all! The hard work paying off, as resting I bite into bologna sandwich on bread! Gluten Free Bread! The staff of life, BREAD! Texture chewy & soft, wonder bread stick to my teeth Bread!
Years later, gluten chewing up my insides, breaking out my skin, agonizing through my intestines I find I must leave this treat alone in order to bless my templed home.
Now! Alas! UDI in my present recreates my past, with the deliciousness of modern day progress to create the bread that will not hurt my head & gives my mouth such joy to bite into morning toast, crispy at the edges, crunch! Center chewy! Yum!
Mornings… once again….. the gift of you I must boast!!!
Udi ohh
Udi ooh
Udi I….
must go make some toast!

by, PB, an appreciative fan.

The photo is my children and I after my gluten free birthday party which you were at!

Name: pamela
City: laguna Beach
State: Ca

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