Breakfast with Joyce, Whiskers, and Zoe

My day begins around 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. I get up, get dressed, give Whiskers (my 11 pound MinPin Yorkie) his allergy pill and Zoe her treat, and then Whiskers and I off on our morning constitutional walk. Sometimes we make it all the way around the block and sometimes we don’t. It depends on Whiskers’ mood that day.

After our walk, we return home for the big treat (a Beggin Strip) after we say “please.”

The next leg of this morning journey takes us (Whiskers and Zoe, my black and white the cat) around to all the waste baskets. They follow me everywhere. (When I take my bath at night, Zoe is in the sink and Whiskers is curled up on the floor on my housecoat) After we dump all wastebaskets upstairs, we head downstairs to empty those wastebaskets, clean out the litter box, head outside to refill bird feeders and clean the water dishes/birdbath, and last, but not least, we sit down to read e-mails.

After all our chores are completed, we head upstairs to fix breakfast/brunch. I eat a gluten free cereal with fruit, a glass of orange juice, Little Smokies, and, of course, 2 slices of Udi’s gluten free Cinnamon/Raisin Toast. Whiskers always shares the Smokies with me and Zoe cleans out my cereal bowl. When all the food is gone, the animals disappear to take their naps.

Name: Joyce J.

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