Tasty Bread

Finally a bread that has a great texture & good taste. I tried so many different rice breads & they were mushy & flaovorless. UDI’S grain bread is so satisfying it’s like forgetting about my allergy.

Name: Barb E.
City: Lancaster
State: Pa

One response to “Tasty Bread”

  1. Joan Jordan Thomas says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about a year ago. I hated the rice breads that I found available…then, fortunately discovered Udi’s. I particularly like the whole grain bread. I have talked the Publix in Live Oak, Fl. into carrying more loaves. I now hope to talk them into carrying the hamburg. & hot dog buns that you are making…any help your salesman can give would be appreciated!! It sure would be nice if Walmart in Live Oak, Fl. would carry your products too.

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