Back to School with Udi’s

As much as we hate to admit it, that time of year is quickly approaching. The scorching heat is still reigning true, but with the cool Fall breeze poking its head around the corner, so too, comes school. Whether you’re a parent, kindergarten student or college freshman, eating gluten free can seem like a daunting task within the academic environment.
Udi's is going back to school
At Udi’s Gluten Free, we are committed to not only providing delicious products, but also food options that you can store and take with you anywhere. Our White, Whole Grain and Millet-Chia breads provide the perfect option to create a classic turkey or PB&J sandwich. Add some Chocolate Chip cookies and any child has the right balance of nutrition and energy for recess.
Or, try our granola for an after-school snack to keep everybody happy and satiated until the dinner bell rings! Our Muffins come in handy for a breakfast on the go before that 8am Intro to Economics class and our bagels are ideal to make gluten-free pizza bagels for a late-night studying boost. The options are truly endless, and now, parents don’t have to worry about their children getting sick or not being able to eat as deliciously or heathily as their peers.

For more tips and information, check out our Gluten Free Tool Kit, which provides resources for students and parents! Just go to our website at and click on the “Our Community” tab.

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