Joy Mission: Question #11

Have you made a gluten free recipe that was so good your non-GF friends and family couldn’t tell it was missing the gluten? We want to hear from you! Recipes welcome. Answer today’s question for a chance to win.
Question #11

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  1. Tracy J. – My family loves my gluten free sausage balls!
  2. Janet G. – pumpkin cheesecake with a crust made of crushed honeynut chex cereal, sugar and butter.
  3. Meg S. – A breakfast casserole that uses GF bagels
  4. Sandra T. – My frozen raspberry swirl. It was always the one thing asked for at the holiday season so, of course, I had to find a way to convert it to gluten free. I don’t think anyone has realized any difference!!!!
  5. Deborah M. – Banana bread!
  6. Ashley P. – My amaretto cheesecake! I make a homemade GF crust out of almonds, butter, and sugar! They love it and come back for seconds even though they don’t HAVE to eat GF!
  7. Betty R. – my homemade manicotti..i make the Gf shells myself
  8. Jennifer S. – I am famous for my banana pudding among my non GF family, but this year I will be famous for my GF pies and cakes =)
  9. Hanan M. – Spinach cheese dip and sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
  10. Cindy B. – Mexican dip and chips. But I have to put in my secret ingredients or it is bland.

395 responses to “Joy Mission: Question #11”

  1. Robin McKinnie says:

    My sister actually gave up her glutenous brownies for my gluten-free brownies. It was a box mix, but oh so yummy!

  2. esther says:

    Chocolate cake and home made frosting, better than a gluten cake.

  3. joyce balderston says:

    gf venison chili with gf jalapeno cornbread

  4. janet says:

    pumpkin cheesecake with a crust made of crushed honeynut chex cereal, sugar and butter.

  5. Janet says:

    I make the broccoli and rice casserole but substitute for the cream of chicken soup. I found the substitute recipe for the cream of soups online.

  6. Theresa H. says:


  7. Pam says:

    Mexican cornbread pizza and devilled eggs

  8. Nicole says:

    My creamy polenta is often requested, but my gluten free transformation triumph was a gluten free individual pumpkin pies – not only could my boyfriend not tell what was missing, he’s requested it many times since!

  9. Alyson says:

    Pumpkin bread– yum yum! But also hoping to be famous for a new gluten and dairy free gingersnap pumpkin pie this year!

  10. Casey says:

    Gluten free ice cream sandwiches. With double fudge cookies on each side of chocolate chip. Made them for several events, birthday, and graduation parties and no one know the difference. Gets ’em drooling every time!

  11. Breezy Wente says:

    My GF, SF casseroles!

  12. TG says:

    Chicken "kickers"- roll cut up bite size organic chicken breast in seasoned salt with cayenne and gluten free flour. Deep fry in peanut oil. Serve with buffalo and ranch dipping sauce (gluten free of course).
    Teens and kids of all ages love these!

  13. Lindsay E says:

    A pumpkin bread/muffins. It’s the same recipe for both but it’s the best recipe I have found! It’s helpful because I can bring that to any family gathering and no one knows the difference. It’s from serious eats- here’s the link: Enjoy!

  14. Mindy S says:

    calico breans

  15. Teri says:

    New to this- so no real life home baked goods that taste normal yet

  16. Karen P says:

    My Thanksgiving stuffing,,,using Udi’s bread, of course!!

  17. Tobster says:

    Hm, my meatballs are pretty darn good,GF and all.

  18. Maria says:

    Разрешить написание латиницей
    Yes, this is meringue
    whisk the egg whites with powdered sugar
    and bake at low heat

  19. Marissa says:

    I love pumpkin pie and apple pie, and was thrilled to find a recipe that combines both into one pie! throw in a GF crust made from crushed gingersnaps and you’ve got one fantastic Thanksgiving dessert!

  20. Crystal Merrill says:

    Taco Dip! It’s a hit!

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