Valentine’s Day Heart Cakes {Gluten Free}

Quick! It’s Valentine’s Day… what do you have planned for the special occasion? Yes, you can do the traditional chocolates and red roses, but do you know which chocolates are safe and which ones aren’t? Surprisingly, gluten can be lurking in many of these innocent looking heart-shaped boxes and if you aren’t prepared you could wind up with an accidental dose of gluten. To help clarify some safe and unsafe chocolate companies, check out this article at To be certain, always call the company if you are unsure of any of the ingredients listed.

Alternatively, instead of wading through the chocolate confusion, make your own dark chocolate heart shaped cakes with red raspberry, milk chocolate, and french vanilla filling. Before you dismiss this intricate sounding V-Day treat, let me mention that this is completely no bake and you can assemble it in less than half an hour!

Chocolate Heart Cakes
Yields 4 small cakes

? 1 Package Udi’s Double Chocolate Muffins? 1 Small Tub of Milk Chocolate Frosting
? 1 Small Tub of Raspberry Frosting
? 1 Small tub of French Vanilla Frosting
? Fresh Fruit of your choice

• Heart shaped cookie cutters (small- medium)
• Small heart shaped molds (preferred but not necessary)

1. Take Udi’s Double Chocolate Muffins out of tray and cut off the rounded top of each muffin until top surface is level.
2. Cut muffin in half so that each muffin is now two round slices.
3. Using the heart shaped cookie cutters, slice hearts out of each muffin round (bonus: you get to munch on the extra muffin shavings).
4. Either press heart-shaped pieces into heart molds to round out the edges, or use as is.
5. Alternating flavors, layer a small dollop of frosting in between two chocolate hearts and press together.
6. Place finished cakes on a large, nonstick pan and refrigerate for an hour to set.
7. Either box up cakes for gifts, or serve at home with fresh fruit of your choice.

2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Heart Cakes {Gluten Free}”

  1. Nancy Harrison says:

    Hi – I am the grandmother to a lovely, spirited 7 year old granddaughter that was diagnosed with Celiac 5 1/2 yrs ago. Since then we have tried more breads (and other foods) on the market that are gluten-free (not to mention the $$$$$$$$ of dollars wasted because most of the products are practically un-edible) and have discovered that the ONLY bread she will eat, and actually likes, is Udi’s green label glutefree sandwich bread. She is in District 11 schools and the dietian tells us that she can’t serve this bread to her at school because the District cannot afford it! Now it is a sad state of affairs when a school district can’t provide proper nutrition to a child because of cost!

    Can’t Udi’s find a way to work with this school District 11 in regard to cost. Surely the $6.00 per loaf that WE pay (which is DOUBLE the cost of regular breads) as consumers give the company enough of a profit margin to cut the school district some slack in regards to cost.

    Just thought you would like to know how it is out here with the consumers of this specialty item.

    • Wendy Hofstetter says:

      Hi Nancy – Thank you for your feedback regarding our bread. I will let the salesperson in charge of school districts know about your concerns. We understand that gluten-free foods can be more expensive than the gluten-filled versions. To give you an idea though, certified gluten free ingredients are more costly, as is maintaining a certified gluten free facility. (We do both of those things). Again, thanks for your feedback!

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