Udi’s and Glutino are racing across the Atlantic Ocean this Fall


Jeffrey MacFarlane, a solo ocean racer and sailor is the only American racing in one of the world’s most extreme solo offshore races starting October 13th in France and finishing in the Caribbean. The Mini Transat is a race on 21 foot, performance racing sail boats called Mini’s which race across the Atlantic Ocean with only one person on each boat. Jeffrey has been a fan of Glutino and Udi’s for several years since he can only eat gluten free foods. An American has not won the race in 30 years Jeffrey is now hoping to change that currently ranked #3 in the world.


To compete well and win when racing solo, day and night with no place to pull over for a pit stop you have to be well nourished and fit.  Below Jeffrey talks about his strategy for eating healthy during the race:


 Being gluten free is not a whole lot different for me other than the fact that almost all of my meals include rice…I do feel that I am able to eat healthier snacks like nuts, fruit and rice based carbs. Eating a twinkie or bag of oreos is simply not an option for me. I try to eat every two or three hours to keep up energy. I do not take any junk food or candy on the boat, everything that I eat must be healthy nourishment. I have found keeping well nourished and rested is one of the biggest things in this type of race so you do not have energy spikes and lows. This way you are always thinking clearly and have the energy to deal with any sail changes, boat breakage and weather strategy changes that are constantly occurring.


It is difficult to train for this type of race on land because when you are on the boat sleep usually comes in short 20/30 minute segments. Sometimes you have to stay up for long periods of time and sometimes conditions allow you to rest but your mind and body never fully turn off like they would when you sleep in a bed. I also find that you consume far more calories when you are sailing and racing because your body is always tense, the boat never stops moving so when you are sleeping your core muscles stay tense.


Follow Jeffrey MacFarlane’s progress as he races this October and November from the official race website http://www.minitransat.fr tracking his prototype Mini #759 and also cheering him on by liking his Facebook page a link is available from his website www.jeffreymacfarlane.com .


You can even participate virtually in the race by competing in the race’s Transat Game on the official Mini Transat race website.


Bon chance!


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