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Many people are finding that they feel better on a gluten free diet, and not just the people who have Celiac Disease or a Gluten Sensitivity.  People report increased energy levels, as well as a better ability to focus.  That tired slump after eating lunch?  Going gluten free might help that, too.  Many people report that “over-full” bloated feeling disappears after going gluten free.

Why, though?  Well, there are as many theories on that as there are fish in the sea.  The most common one is that gluten is hard for your body to digest, which causes that feeling of tiredness.  So when you avoid gluten, that excess energy can be diverted elsewhere, rather than your digestive system.

The biggest reason to go gluten free when not medically required to is simply because there is no downside to doing a gluten free trial, provided proper nutrition is maintained.  And you might feel better than you would have thought possible.



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