Caesar Chicken Udi's Bagel Sandwich (from Candace N.)




1 whole Udi's Bagel
3 pieces of Oscar Meyer Pre-cooked Bacon
1 or 2 pieces of Iceberg Lettuce
2 pieces of Provolone Cheese
1 grilled Garlic and Herb Chicken Breast (from festival foods) or Plain Chicken Breast
Ken's Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing


Serves One "I start by grilling up the chicken breast which you can find at Festival Foods but be careful not all of their marinades are gluten free so please verify this from their list or ask someone. If you can not find the garlic herb or don't have a Festival Foods near you, then any plain old gf chicken breast will do. After the chicken is cooked to the proper temperature on the grill I melt the provolone on it. Then I toast the bagel just lightly, you can do it to preference of course. I put the chicken breast on the bottom section of the bagel, microwave the bacon and pat the grease off to make it extra crispy. Then I add the bacon and few pieces of lettuce and I slather the ken's salad dressing on the top of the bagel, this you can also do to taste because some people like more condiments than others. Then you cut this big old sandwich in half and devour. These bagels are delish and they work amazing as buns so please enjoy." Thank you to Candace N. for this recipe.


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