We're Bringing BBQ Back!

Our loyal fans send us delicious and creative product requests on a daily basis, be it through Facebook, our website, blogs, online forums or at gluten free events. While we love hearing all of your great ideas, what we love more is being able to fulfill such wishes. It was very exciting, therefore, to officially announce the launch of our Hamburger and Hotdog buns and new Ancient Grain Breads at Natural Products Expo West.

For too long, eating gluten free has meant eating BBQ free. Grilling on hot summer nights just isn’t the same when you can’t enjoy a juicy cheeseburger or a perfectly charred hotdog in a bun. And, with BBQ season just around the corner, we weren’t about to let our great fans suffer through one more disappointing BBQ. Relive your favorite childhood summer memories with the Classic Hamburger and Hotdog Buns, or try the Whole Grain Hamburger Bun for an extra kick of nutrition. Soft, savory and durable, all three buns are the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re cooking on the grill.

Along with the seasonally appropriate buns, Udi’s also announced our new Ancient Grain Breads. Ancient grains, such as millet, chia and salba, supply a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants and—the best part—they are naturally gluten free.  Our Millet-Chia bread combines the fiber  and protein-packed Chia seed with the heart-healthy and delightfully crunchy Millet grain. Meanwhile, one loaf of our Omega-Salba bread delivers 490 mg of Omega-3 and 6 grams of fiber from each serving. We went back to the land for inspiration and found new flavors that will certainly bring joy and well-being into your home.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for that first burger of grilling season. Personally, I plan to devour a coffee-rubbed burger with provolone cheese, sautéed onions, smoked bacon and my homemade Texas BBQ sauce on a savory Udi’s Whole Grain bun. How about you? What will you eat at your first Udi-Q this summer?

105 responses to “We're Bringing BBQ Back!”

  1. ann says:

    I too have been trying to print coupons and have been unable. I also am very excited about hamb. buns coming available.

  2. B says:

    Where do you find the hamburger and hotdog buns? You give us the news but not the product. How soon will they be available to us the puplic?

  3. Carrie says:

    My son will be so happy to have a hamburger and/or hotdog! I think he really misses this because UDI’s is his favorite brand!

  4. linda aichele says:

    i want to order some hot dog buns and hamburger buns online but cant find them on the site. where can i find them?

  5. Karen Cox says:

    You are advertising hamburger and hotdog buns, but I could not find them on your site to order. I was going to order some other stuff as well like raisin bread and granola, but untill the buns show up I guess I will wait, because of shipping. Let me kmow when this BBq buns start, Thanks Karen Cox

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