Gluten Free Vegetarian Meals to Try

By Leigh

It’s all about simple switches. Simple switches, simple switches. That’s the mantra I keep telling myself whenever I want to make a major, or even a little, change in my life. For many of us big adjustments can be daunting and downright terrifying. But if you take it in little bites, instead of one big mouthful, change can be a pretty easy concept.

Take, for example, the moment you found out you needed to go gluten free. For some, it may have been a medical diagnosis and for others this may have come through trial and error on your path to better health. Either way, knowing that you will be going through a major diet overhaul is a lot to digest! When I decided that for my health, gluten free would be what my body needed, I immediately panicked. Who wants to think about giving up pizza night, morning bagels, and Sunday French toast? I found myself mourning food I hadn’t even given up yet! Fast-forward a couple days of making simple switches (Udi’s White Sandwich Bread for my French toast, chocolate dipped strawberries instead of chocolate cake, and almonds instead of tortilla chips for my mid-afternoon snack) and going gluten free became fairly painless.

So now, why not try another simple switch and go meatless during the week? We’ve all heard the statistics on the health benefits (check out this great article for more info:, but did you know it can be downright tasty? Below are some amazing gluten free and meatless recipes we challenge you to try this week. Remember, it’s all about simple switches!


Baked Breakfast: Quinoa Oatmeal

This is the perfect fix for on-the-go mornings. Just make ahead and you’ve got a healthy, super delicious breakfast ready for the entire week. All you have to do is heat and serve. Especially as the weather cools off a bit, this warm, homemade breakfast is on the top of my list to try. Check out this and other recipes from at:



Roasted Portobellos with Roasted Peppers and Blue Cheese

This clean, scrumptious entrée is great for entertaining (Meat-Free Monday Dinner Party anyone?), or for any night of the week when you are looking for something tasty and fairly quick. Just make sure to double check the blue cheese you are using and make sure it is not packaged with any gluten containing ingredients. This recipe is from



Apple Nachos

Yes you heard right… apple nachos! While not the most appealing sounding name at first, I was completely and totally convinced when I saw this picture. Who can say no to crisp fall apples with chocolate and coconut? And the fact that you just slice and throw everything together makes this an awesome idea for an afterschool snack or fall dessert. Now I know what I’m doing with all the apples I plan on picking this season. Check out this recipe from at:



Comment below and tell us what kind of simple switches you plan on making this week!

2 responses to “Gluten Free Vegetarian Meals to Try”

  1. Lisa says:

    My understanding is that blue cheese is not reliably gluten free.

  2. PizzaCode says:

    Ohhh….my God! It feels like forever since I ate the last pizza.

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